Why is Apple M1 so much faster than Intel x86?

Apple’s M1 chip is Apple’s fastest single-core CPU benchmark on a Mac, and it beats many high-end Intel competitors in multi-core performance. Developer Erik Engheim recently shared an in-depth look at the M1 chip, exploring why Apple’s new processor is so much faster than the Intel chip it replaces.  M1 is not a CPU! First, the M1 is not a […]

i. Powered by MX 8M Plus, a new generation of 5G industrial edge computing gateway has landed!

“With the deepening of people’s cognition and practice in the field of Industrial Internet of Things, more and more enterprises have begun to try to migrate computing services from the cloud to network edge processing and execution, which is conducive to avoiding unnecessary network noise and the transmission of massive data. Congestion during wireless network communication is also of great […]

OPPO’s sub-brand is on the offensive, surpassing Samsung and approaching Xiaomi, and the Indian smartphone market is about to change

According to the data released by the market research agency Counterpoint in the third quarter of this year, Xiaomi continued to maintain its No. 1 position in the Indian smartphone market with a market share of 26%, which is the eighth consecutive quarter that it has maintained the No. However, what is worrying is that the OPPO sub-brand realme’s share […]

NXP Announces BlueBox 3.0 Development Platform for Safe Automotive High-Performance Computing

  News Highlights: · Compared with the previous generation platform,NXPEmbedded Layerscape processors deliver 2X higher processing performance to meet the demands of new automotive architectures ·S32G processor supportASILClass D functional safety for advanced safety architecture Eightfold increase in I/O and PCIe ports, enhanced platform connectivity and scalability, and the addition of Kalray MPPA® processor-based PCIe card acceleration to support secure automotive […]

Selection Of Main Parameters Of Chain Drive Of CNC Machine Tool

Selection Of Main Parameters Of Chain Drive Of Cnc Machine Tool When designing a chain drive, the transmitted power P, the speed of the small sprocket m, the speed of the large chain z or the transmission ratio z, the load situation and the use conditions are generally known. It is necessary to determine the chain number (pitch), the number […]

An article to understand the development history of Kirin chips: K3V1 to Kirin 9000

When the Mate40 series and the Kirin 9000 chip were first released in China, Huawei officially produced a video to review the ten-year “climbing history” of the Kirin chip in detail. Huawei said that in the past ten years, Kirin chips have always adhered to the original intention, pursued a better user experience, and created value with technology. We always […]

Fingerprint verification loopholes, Alipay WeChat and many banks urgently shut down Samsung mobile phone fingerprint function

Recently, according to foreign media reports, a British couple discovered a loophole in the fingerprint recognition of Samsung Galaxy S10 mobile phones. After installing the all-inclusive silicone protective case for the mobile phone, anyone’s fingerprint can unlock the mobile phone and even log in to the bank APP. . It is reported that the Samsung S10 uses an under-screen ultrasonic […]

Improving Avalanche Tolerance of 4H-SiC Schottky Diodes and MOSFETs

The latest trend in the semiconductor market is the widespread adoption of silicon carbide (SiC) devices, including Schottky barrier diodes (SBDs) and power MOSFETs for industrial and automotive applications. At the same time, the long-term reliability of these devices has become a hot issue due to the limited field data available for analysis. Some SiC suppliers have begun to certify […]

Google bans “advertising using the epidemic to create panic” and starts removing illegal products

With COVID-19 still spreading around the world and advertisements for hand sanitizers, gloves, masks and other prevention and control products widely spread, online advertising companies often struggle to enforce policies that prohibit the use of panic to spread such advertisements. On the afternoon of March 4, local time, according to US media reports, Google displayed many such advertisements. That’s despite […]

AT&T Expands ‘IT Apprenticeship Program’ to Export IT Talent to National Security Agency

AT&T announced on August 17, local time, that it will expand its IT apprenticeship program to train entry-level talent for federal national security agencies. Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) and the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry have joined AT&T’s “Catapult” program, which allows students to receive classified-level contractor security clearances while undergoing training while also gaining IT The industry’s […]