Three solutions for loop-powered transmitter design

“The Circuit measurement is a resistive bridge pressure sensor powered by a 5V reference voltage source. Amplify the sensor signal through an instrumentation amplifier. Its voltage output is converted to current through R1 and combined with the bias current generated by R2. This current flows through R3 and is amplified by the operational amplifier configuration, and then forms 4mA to […]

Synopsys’ flagship product, Fusion Compiler, helps customers achieve more than 500 tapeouts, further expanding the industry’s leading edge

Mountain View, California, December 3, 2021 — Synopsys, Inc. (NASDAQ: SNPS) announced that since the official release of the Fusion Compiler™ RTL-to-GDSII solution in 2019, Customers who have adopted this solution have achieved more than 500 tape-outs. As a result, Synopsys has further expanded its leading advantage in the field of digital design. Many leading semiconductor companies from high-growth vertical […]

Leti and IRIG develop quantum integrated circuits in CMOS process

   CEA-Leti and CEA-IRIG jointly developed the first quantum integrated Circuit with quantum dots on a CMOS chip. The chip is manufactured using a 28nm FD-SOI process and integrates analog and digital functions (multiplexers, buffers). Converters, signal amplifiers, oscillators, level shifters, etc.). This research also proves that CEA-Leti’s proprietary technology for cryogenic instruments in FD-SOI technology can also be used […]

Detailed explanation of the design principle of the H-bridge drive circuit of the two-phase hybrid stepping motor

“The H-bridge power drive Circuit can be used to drive stepper motors, AC motors, and DC motors. The excitation windings of permanent magnet stepping motors or hybrid stepping motors must be powered by a bipolar power supply, which means that the windings sometimes require forward current and sometimes reverse current, so the winding power supply needs to be driven by […]

CTSD ADC-Part 1: How to improve precision ADC signal chain design

“Designers of precision signal chains are faced with the challenge of meeting noise performance requirements in medium bandwidth applications, and in the end they often have to make a trade-off between noise performance and accuracy. Shortening the time to market and completing the correct design in the first time further increases the pressure. Duration Σ-Δ (CTSD) ADC has its own […]

High-power diode thyristor knowledge serialization-loss

[Guide]Power diode thyristors are widely used in AC/DC converters, UPS, AC static switches, SVC and electrolytic hydrogen, etc. However, most engineers do not understand such bipolar devices as well as IGBTs. For this reason, we Organized 6 serials, including forward characteristics, dynamic characteristics, control characteristics, protection, and loss and thermal characteristics. The content is extracted from Infineon’s “Bipolar semiconductor Technology […]

ADIADuM4471 isolated DC-DC controller reference design scheme

ADI’s ADuM4471 is a four-channel digital opto-isolated DC-DC power controller with embedded MOSFET driver and calibrator. Based on ADI’s advanced iCoupler® technology, the controller integrates a secondary-side PWM opto-isolated feedback compensation loop. It effectively reduces the components of the external photoelectric isolation Circuit and the compensation circuit, which provides a basis for the realization of miniaturized design. The input voltage […]

Automotive electronics software development post is a good choice

I am engaged in automotive electronic software “target=”_blank”> automotive Electronic software development, and have several years of experience in embedded software development. And I am a major in vehicle engineering, which is not a promising major at the moment. Software development is divided into Application layer software development and low-level software development, the following content will start with application layer […]

Interpretation of the circuit design scheme of 51 single-chip LED system

“A rotating LED Display developed based on the principle of persistence of vision when rotating the LED Display. It installs 16 LED light-emitting devices on a carrier with a certain rotation speed, and each LED light-emitting tube is arranged in a straight line at equal intervals. With the acceleration of the rotation speed, under the precise timing control of the […]

Design of Control Power Supply for NEC Electronic Body Electronic System

As the demand for more functions and higher reliability continues to grow, the variety and complexity of automotive electronics are also rapidly increasing. There are many kinds of Electronic subsystems in automobiles, such as chassis electronics, driver information electronics, and body electronics. The body electronic subsystem provides functions such as seat adjustment, interior lighting and wipers. The intelligent design enables […]