Turning technology method of hardware parts processing

1. For general taps for processing non-standard parts of hardware parts, a half-diameter electrode is used to remove the broken taps. The large tap, the broken screw is processed with a hexagonal electrode, and then a hexagonal wrench is used to take it out. Other broken tools and knives are processed with electrodes of suitable shape and size.

The origin of non-standard hardware parts processing and the daily precautions

What is the origin of non-standard hardware parts processing? The so-called non-standard non-standard hardware parts processing, then we must first understand what is non-standard.

Precision CNC machining manufacturers analyze the parameters of CNC machine tools

CNC machining parameters 1) Divided according to the representation form of the parameters, the parameters of CNC machine tools can be divided into three categories.

Precision CNC machining company explains the content of machining

According to the precision CNC machining company, machining is a process in which machining machinery is used to change the shape or performance of the workpiece. According to the temperature state of the workpiece to be processed, it is divided into cold processing and hot processing.

Field of precision parts processing system

In recent years, it has entered the field of ultra-precision parts processing technology. From the perspective of development, it will play a greater role in the next century. Today’s electrical machining is close to the level of ultra-precision machining regardless of its function or machining quality.

Process planning of CNC machining in Dongguan

According to Dongguan CNC machining company, the entire CNC machining process should focus on the connection between the processes and the meaning of each step. Broadly speaking, the composition of the entire process includes product analysis-graphic design-process planning-path generation-path simulation-path output-processing-inspection.

The grade of precision of stainless steel parts processing

The precision level of stainless steel parts processing is determined according to the requirements of use. The processing of parts in aerospace requires high precision, while the parts on tractors may require relatively low requirements.

What are the factors that affect the accuracy of hardware parts processing?

There will be some problems that affect accuracy in the processing of hardware parts. So what are the factors that affect the accuracy of machining? Let’s take a look at it together:

Design and treatment of stainless steel parts processing

When determining the positioning datum of the part, it can be processed according to the following requirements:

How to deal with the details of stainless steel parts processing?

According to the stainless steel parts processing company, stainless steel is hard and will generate a lot of heat during processing, which will damage the tools. It often makes many people feel headaches. By prescribing the right medicine, everything becomes easy.