Uses And Characteristics Of Carbon Fiber Composites

Uses And Characteristics Of Carbon Fiber Composites carbon fiberIt is a high-quality fiber material with a density of only 1.78 grams per cubic centimeter and a tensile strength of 3400 MPa. Compared with traditional plastics and metals, it has higher strength, stronger designability and wider application fields. More than 90% of carbon fibers are not used alone, but are added […]

DC-DC power modules for scientific research and semiconductor applications

There are many types of power supplies in the world, so do you know what DC/DC is? XP Power officially announced the launch of a new 30W DC-DC power supply module that can generate up to 6kVDC from a single 24VDC input. The HRL30 series provides a precise high voltage output suitable for a wide range of applications including scientific […]