Mando teamed up with SOS Lab to develop lidar that supports Level 3 autonomous driving

According to public information, SOS Lab is a LiDAR (LiDAR) development company in South Korea that focuses on innovative scanning solutions for autonomous vehicles. The stationary 3D lidar sensor being developed by Mando and SOS Lab will be used by Hyundai vehicles as early as 2025 and as late as 2026, according to people familiar with the matter. The so-called […]

Motor Of CNC Machine Tool And Electric Control Of Machine Tool

Motor Of Cnc Machine Tool And Electric Control Of Machine Tool Modern metal cutting machine tools use electric motors as power sources. Machine tool spindle speed, table or tool post feedThe regulation and the control and operation of the working cycle are inseparable from the electrical components, electronic components and systems. The electrical control system of the machine tool has […]