CNC Machine Tool Factory

Cnc Machine Tool Factory The rotary transformer of CNC machine tool factory is a common angular displacement measuring device on CNC machine tools. It has the characteristics of simple structure, sensitive action, reliable T operation, low requirements for environmental conditions, large amplitude of input H signal and strong anti-interference ability. Signal processing is more complicated, and resolvers are widely used […]

Luo Yonghao has started his own business again. Does this project look reliable?

On the evening of December 3, Luo Yonghao held his “Old Man and the Sea” press conference as scheduled, introducing a Sharklet (shark pattern) bionic physical antibacterial technology. Luo Yonghao introduced that he is now the global partner and “chief fudge officer” of Sharklet. Although it was developed by Americans, Sharklet was acquired by a fund company from Hangzhou in […]