HTC’s next-generation headset project, Project Proton, is revealed, will launch two lightweight XR headsets

While HTC is currently betting its VR future on the Vive Cosmos, it has also been working on a next-generation lightweight headset called “Project Proton,” CEO Yves Maitre said. would be “very, very close to regular glasses”. But judging from the renderings received by foreign media, this statement is controversial, but the device in the renderings is obviously more compact […]

Digi-Key Electronics Announces Specialized Solutions for Startups

Digi-Key Electronics, the world’s most widely available and fastest-shipping distributor of off-the-shelf Electronic components, has launched a microsite and a help manual designed to help startups make their dreams come true and advance innovation around the world. This start-up site leverages the resources, tools and knowledge Digi-Key has accumulated each year working with thousands of start-ups. Titled The Startup Survival […]