Cloud security ranks first in the 2020 global cybersecurity buzzwords

The annual RSA Conference, as the top event in the global network security industry, is attended by the world’s top network security companies. Therefore, the annual RSAC is the weather vane of the global IT security trend, leading the industry development in the next year, and is highly regarded by the industry. focus on.

This year’s RSAC conference was held in the United States from February 24th to 28th. The theme of “Human Element” shifted the focus from technology to “people”. Compared with last year’s “Better” and the previous year’s “Now Matters”, this year’s theme is quite a bit of a taste of exploration and a wake-up call. Chinese security practitioners who are in the midst of the epidemic may have a more unique and profound understanding of this year’s theme.

2020 Global Cybersecurity Hot Words Ranking

Cloud security ranks first in the 2020 global cybersecurity buzzwords

Cloud security

Data security

Network security

Hackers & threats

Threat intelligence

Application security

Endpoint security

Governance, risk & compliance

Risk & vulnerability assessment

Artificial intelligent & machine learning

Risk management

Incident response Incident response

Zero trust Zero trust

DevSecOps Security DevOps

Threat management

Security operations

Infrastructure security

GDPR General Data Protection Regulation


Identity management & governance

Comparison of TOP20 hot words in the past three years

According to data analysis, cloud security, data security and network security have occupied the top three hot words in global network security for three consecutive years, and hackers and threats have continued to maintain the fourth heat. It can be seen that the issue of network security has attracted enough attention on a global scale, and network security has shown a global development trend.

In 2020, there are 480 US exhibitors at RSAC, which is still the largest country in the global cybersecurity industry, accounting for more than 70%; Israel and Germany each have 30 exhibitors, and exhibitors from Japan and South Korea have increased significantly in the past two years. The development of the industry is also paid more attention.

In China, the issue of cloud data security is gradually being paid attention to. As a professional provider of disaster recovery backup solutions for cloud data centers in China, Yunqi Technology has successfully deployed applications in 60 countries and regions and 20 industries around the world. Maintain the original intention and continue to provide Chinese-based security products and services for global cloud environment users.


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