TrendForce: Global smartphone production growth forecast for this year dropped from 9.4% to 8.5% due to the outbreak in India

Market analysis company TrendForce recently announced that India’s new crown epidemic is becoming more and more serious, affecting the production and sales of major mobile phone brands. Therefore, the global smartphone production growth forecast in 2021 has been lowered from 9.4% to 8.5%. And it is not ruled out that it will be further lowered to below 8% in the […]

Digi-Key Electronics Announces Specialized Solutions for Startups

Digi-Key Electronics, the world’s most widely available and fastest-shipping distributor of off-the-shelf Electronic components, has launched a microsite and a help manual designed to help startups make their dreams come true and advance innovation around the world. This start-up site leverages the resources, tools and knowledge Digi-Key has accumulated each year working with thousands of start-ups. Titled The Startup Survival […]

CNC Machine Tool Factory

Cnc Machine Tool Factory The rotary transformer of CNC machine tool factory is a common angular displacement measuring device on CNC machine tools. It has the characteristics of simple structure, sensitive action, reliable T operation, low requirements for environmental conditions, large amplitude of input H signal and strong anti-interference ability. Signal processing is more complicated, and resolvers are widely used […]

Luo Yonghao has started his own business again. Does this project look reliable?

On the evening of December 3, Luo Yonghao held his “Old Man and the Sea” press conference as scheduled, introducing a Sharklet (shark pattern) bionic physical antibacterial technology. Luo Yonghao introduced that he is now the global partner and “chief fudge officer” of Sharklet. Although it was developed by Americans, Sharklet was acquired by a fund company from Hangzhou in […]

Influence Of Non-electrical Parameters On Processing Speed

Influence Of Non-electrical Parameters On Processing Speed 1. The flushing, oil pumping and processing speed flush, the oil pumping is too small, and the chip removal is not good. There are many opportunities for secondary discharge. Excessive flushing and oil pumping will cause interference and destroy the processing stability, which will reduce the processing speed. In addition, when the oil […]

Motor Of CNC Machine Tool And Electric Control Of Machine Tool

Motor Of Cnc Machine Tool And Electric Control Of Machine Tool Modern metal cutting machine tools use electric motors as power sources. Machine tool spindle speed, table or tool post feedThe regulation and the control and operation of the working cycle are inseparable from the electrical components, electronic components and systems. The electrical control system of the machine tool has […]

Manufacturing Process Of Pitch-based Carbon Fiber

Manufacturing Process Of Pitch-based Carbon Fiber Asphalt is a low-molecular-weight hydrocarbon compound mainly composed of condensed polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon compounds, some of which contain a small amount of sulfur and oxygen. Asphalt has a characteristic that the carbon content is more than 70%, so it is often used to make carbon fiber. Carbon fibers made from pitch can be mainly […]

Forming Analysis And Processing Of Complex Thin-walled Surface Aircraft Sheet Metal Parts

Forming Analysis And Processing Of Complex Thin-walled Surface Aircraft Sheet Metal Parts Sheet metal parts are an important part of modern aircraft. Relevant surveys and statistics show that sheet metal parts account for 70% of the total number of aircraft parts. From the perspective of production workload, the labor amount is about 15%. The complex structure, rich volume variety and […]

Nanochip launches NCA9xxx I2C interface product series to provide customers with one-stop solutions in I2C interface design

  June 17, 2020 – Suzhou Nanochip Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Nanochip”), a leading domestic provider of signal chain chips and solutions, recently announced the launch of five I2C bus interface chip products, suitable for Control bus designs in a variety of industrial, enterprise and consumer applications such as security, power electronics, personal computers, enterprise switches, servers, […]

Carbon Fiber Roller Production Requirements

Carbon Fiber Roller Production Requirements Roller is a supporting rotating part and rotates with it to transmit motion, and is an important part of torque or bending moment. In the past, it was mostly made of metal materials. With the increase in the requirements for the rollers, the application of carbon fiber rollers has gradually increased. What are the requirements […]