Analysis of some possible factors of overvoltage protector explosion worth knowing

“The progress of human society is inseparable from the efforts of all walks of life in society, and the upgrading of various Electronic products is inseparable from the efforts of our designers. In fact, many people do not understand the composition of electronic products, such as Voltage protector. “ The progress of human society is inseparable from the efforts of […]

This special prize goes to the aerospace base, science and innovation and aerospace have strong momentum

Recently, the “Xiguang Small Satellite Constellation Business Plan” project reported by Xi’an Aerospace Science and Technology Co., Ltd., an incubating enterprise in Xi’an Aerospace Base, stood out from 454 participating projects, and won the special prize of the start-up group of the 2021 Xi’an International Entrepreneurship Competition; The “Small Energy Electromagnetic Loading System” project of Shaanxi Dagong Xuhang Electromagnetic Technology […]

Design of Industrial CAN I/O Module Based on MC9S12DP256 Microcontroller and Chip

“In addition, this module can be used for implementation and testing of user software. For this purpose, the board needs to be equipped with a background debug mode (BDM) interface for reprogramming and debugging. The industrial CAN I/O module is logically divided into three basic Circuit boards: base plate, power supply and I/O board. Board-to-board data transfer is guaranteed by […]

What is the difference in performance between mobile phone CPU and computer CPU?

“With the continuous efforts of mobile phone CPU manufacturers (Qualcomm, HiSilicon, Samsung, MediaTek), mobile phone CPUs are all quad-core, eight-core, and MediaTek has even begun to have ten cores, and the main frequency is getting higher and higher, so most of them People think that mobile phone CPUs are comparable to computer CPUs, but this is not the case at […]

Using LM629 and PIC16F877 to realize the design of planar articulated manipulator

“Planar articulated manipulators are one of the most widely used manipulators, which can be used in actual production as well as teaching experiments and scientific research. Used in actual production, it can meet the requirements of frequent changes in the content of assembly operations; used in teaching experiments, it can enable people to intuitively understand the structure of the robot, […]

Design, test and system evaluation of silicon carbide power module and electric control (2)

“The silicon carbide-based power module and its supporting gate drive are installed in the motor controller, and matched with a permanent magnet motor to calibrate the efficiency map, and the result is used for benchmarking with the Electronic control based on the IGBT power module. “ The efficiency benchmarking test of silicon carbide electronic control Then, the silicon carbide-based power […]

Synopsys’ flagship product, Fusion Compiler, helps customers achieve more than 500 tapeouts, further expanding the industry’s leading edge

Mountain View, California, December 3, 2021 — Synopsys, Inc. (NASDAQ: SNPS) announced that since the official release of the Fusion Compiler™ RTL-to-GDSII solution in 2019, Customers who have adopted this solution have achieved more than 500 tape-outs. As a result, Synopsys has further expanded its leading advantage in the field of digital design. Many leading semiconductor companies from high-growth vertical […]

Leti and IRIG develop quantum integrated circuits in CMOS process

   CEA-Leti and CEA-IRIG jointly developed the first quantum integrated Circuit with quantum dots on a CMOS chip. The chip is manufactured using a 28nm FD-SOI process and integrates analog and digital functions (multiplexers, buffers). Converters, signal amplifiers, oscillators, level shifters, etc.). This research also proves that CEA-Leti’s proprietary technology for cryogenic instruments in FD-SOI technology can also be used […]

ADIADuM4471 isolated DC-DC controller reference design scheme

ADI’s ADuM4471 is a four-channel digital opto-isolated DC-DC power controller with embedded MOSFET driver and calibrator. Based on ADI’s advanced iCoupler® technology, the controller integrates a secondary-side PWM opto-isolated feedback compensation loop. It effectively reduces the components of the external photoelectric isolation Circuit and the compensation circuit, which provides a basis for the realization of miniaturized design. The input voltage […]

Automotive electronics software development post is a good choice

I am engaged in automotive electronic software “target=”_blank”> automotive Electronic software development, and have several years of experience in embedded software development. And I am a major in vehicle engineering, which is not a promising major at the moment. Software development is divided into Application layer software development and low-level software development, the following content will start with application layer […]