Semiconductor test time is the cost?Teradyne reveals its big killer

From design to manufacturing, to packaging and testing of chips, a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources are spent in the process of turning sand into gold. The quality, performance, and yield of each link need to be strictly controlled. As we all know, simple chip testing cannot add functions to the chip, nor can it improve the […]

Continue to improve the industrial ecology and solidly promote the integration and innovation of “5G + Industrial Internet”

According to data recently released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, as of the end of August 2021, there are more than 100 industrial Internet platforms with certain industry and regional influence, and the total number of connected industrial equipment reached 76 million units (sets). 1,800. Experts interviewed by a reporter from China Economic Times said that the […]

PoE chips out of stock until next year? What can be replaced!

“With the increasing popularity of IP telephony, network video surveillance and wireless Ethernet devices in the network, the requirement to provide power support through Ethernet itself is becoming more and more urgent. In most cases, the terminal equipment needs DC power supply, and the terminal equipment is usually installed on the ceiling or outdoors, and it is difficult to find […]

China Electronics in Hunan: Show new deeds in building a new development pattern!

In recent days, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized during an inspection tour in Hunan that efforts should be made to build an important national advanced manufacturing industry, technological innovation with core competitiveness, and a highland for reform and opening up in inland areas, and to break new paths in promoting high-quality development and to build new development. Show new deeds […]

The first domestic 100kW ultra-high power laser was officially launched

On the morning of December 10, the opening ceremony of China’s first 100kW ultra-high power industrial fiber laser and supporting equipment jointly developed by Raycus Laser and Nanhua University was successfully held at Nanhua University. Compared with laboratory products, industrial products have more stringent requirements in terms of equipment stability and user acceptability. This 100kW ultra-high power laser took more […]

Application design of remote control system for flapping-wing micro-aircraft based on nRF9E5 chip

“The current and future design direction of flying robots is to expect robots to be small, hand-held, portable, capable of flying at ultra-low altitudes like insects, and capable of flexibly completing reconnaissance and search tasks. For many years, the research on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV—Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) with military use as the background has been very active. These unmanned aerial […]

Design of lighting up eight light-emitting diodes based on STC89C52RC single-chip microcomputer

“Design of lighting up eight light-emitting diodes based on STC89C52RC single-chip microcomputer “ The development board I use is TX-1C of Tianxiang Electronics, and the microcontroller is STC89C52RC. The following starts with the hardware connection diagram of eight light-emitting diodes and the microcontroller: To make the light-emitting diode light up, a current needs to pass through it, about 5mA current […]

GRAS releases a new 12Bx series, TEDS-supported measurement microphone power supply module

Cost-effective, save setup time, and improve test efficiency! GRAS Sound & Vibration, as one of the well-known acoustic testing subsidiaries of Axiometrix Solutions, today released four new measurement microphone power modules: GRAS 12BE, 12BC, 12BF, and 12BD, specifically for the need to power CCP or LEMO measurement microphones and pass TEDS at the same time Test engineers who seamlessly integrate […]

Samsung Galaxy M31 mobile phone rear camera uses quad camera + flash design

Recently, the camera module parts of the Samsung Galaxy M31 mobile phone have been exposed; it can be seen that with 5 punch holes, this mobile phone will use a four-camera + flash design. According to news reports, an anonymous and reliable industry source disclosed the situation of the Samsung Galaxy M31 mobile phone camera module; it can be seen […]

ADI and Intel work together to develop a radio platform to meet the challenges of 5G network design

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) announced that it has joined hands with Intel to develop a flexible radio platform that meets the challenges of 5G network design. This platform will help customers expand their 5G network more quickly at a lower cost. The new radio platform integrates the advanced technology of ADI radio frequency (RF) transceivers and the high-performance and low-power […]