Graphics DRAM prices to rise in Q1 2020

According to Digitimes, DRAMeXchange said that DRAM prices in 2020 will increase by about 5% in the first quarter of 2020. The reason is that during 2019, many graphics card and GPU products have transitioned from the older GDDR5 to GDDR6, a trend that is sure to continue into 2020. AMD’s Navi-based graphics cards are already all GDDR6-based, and so […]

After Renault, Nissan to sell Daimler stake

Following the sale of Daimler shares by alliance partner Renault in March, Nissan has now also said it is selling a 1.5 percent stake in Daimler in an accelerated deal, according to foreign media reports. (Image credit: Nissan) Nissan will sell its shares to institutional investors at the end of June at a price of 69.85 euros per share, according […]

MediaTek will launch a new MT689X processor, upgrade TSMC’s 6nm process

MediaTek’s 5G processor this year has won orders from major manufacturers including Huami OV, and its performance has soared, thanks to the Dimensity series. In addition to the Dimensity 1000/800/700 series this year, there will soon be a new generation of high-end 5G Dimensity chips, using ARM G78 CPU and G77 GPU cores. According to sources, MediaTek will soon launch […]

AI redefines light perception, or a new direction for mobile phones

Every iteration of mobile communication technology is accompanied by a new round of reshuffle in the mobile phone market. Such a view was so popular at the end of 2019 that all mobile phone manufacturers began to be cautious, for fear of missing the wave of 5G and becoming the obsolete product of the times. However, the end result seems […]

Great earthquake! Microsoft’s sudden statement: Windows may cut off supply to China!not responsible

Recently, Microsoft updated the Microsoft service agreement on its official website, stating that if Microsoft is unable to perform or delays performance of its obligations due to force majeure, Microsoft will not assume any responsibility or obligation for this, and the new agreement will officially take effect on October 1. Recently, Microsoft updated the Microsoft Services Agreement with some intriguing […]

Design of AC digital voltmeter based on MSP430F448 microcontroller

“The system design of a simple AC digital voltmeter is described. The system takes MSP430F448 as the core. The microcontroller integrates a 12-bit A/D converter. The converter has the characteristics of internal reference source, sample and hold, and automatic scanning, which greatly simplifies the hardware design. Because the internal interrupt resources of the single-chip microcomputer are abundant, the voltage conversion […]

Enter autonomous driving?Samsung Electronics is reportedly developing ultra-compact lidar sensors

According to Korean media TheElec, Samsung Electronics has begun developing a lidar sensor for autonomous driving. The company aims to commercialize the technology in 2026, and Samsung aims to strengthen its auto business, the people said. In addition, Samsung recently introduced an image sensor for use in cars. Lidar is an important part of autonomous driving and advanced driver assistance […]

“Top 500 Chinese Listed Companies by Market Value” is released, and these semiconductor manufacturers are on the list

Recently, Wind Information released the 2020 “Top 500 Listed Companies by Market Value in China” list. The data on the list is as of December 31, 2020. The top five are Tencent, Alibaba, Kweichow Moutai, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and Ping An of China. The top 500 listed companies involve retail, software and services, technical hardware and equipment, […]

Why choose a UPS power supply must first consider the battery

Do you know how to choose a power supply? An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is one of the most critical power components in a data center. However, the role of batteries used with UPS power is often overlooked. If the utility power in the data center fails, the batteries of the UPS power supply must immediately take over and use […]

ALPACA: New TLS Attack Can Launch Cross-Protocol Attacks Against Secure Websites

The ALPACA attack is a new type of TLS attack that can launch cross-protocol attacks against secure websites. TLS is an Internet standard that secures communications between servers and clients on the Internet, such as web servers, FTP servers, and mail servers. TLS is independent of the application layer and can be applied to different communication protocols. ALPACA is an […]