Scientists propose new universal standard for calibrating CT scanners

Scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) are proposing a new method for calibrating computed tomography (CT) scanners that could yield a common standard aimed at improving the comparison of scans from different machines. This method will help establish the first CT measurement standards related to the International System of Units by creating a more precise definition […]

Allegro pioneers first back-magnetic GMR gearbox speed and direction sensor with 50% larger air gap

Manchester, NH, USA – Allegro MicroSystems (Allegro), a global leader in power and sensing solutions for motion control and energy saving systems, announces the ATS19580, the industry’s first fully integrated, back-biased giant magnetoresistive (GMR) Transmission speed and direction sensor. The ATS19580 enables the highest system performance in transmission applications while reducing system size, complexity and cost, and improving system fuel […]

Worry-free Future Announces Fourth Quarter 2019 Financial Results on March 17

Sina Technology News, Beijing time on the afternoon of March 10th, (Nasdaq: JOBS) announced today that it will be released on March 16, 2020 after the US stock market closes (early morning on March 17, Beijing time). Fourth quarter 2019 financial report on March 31. After the release of the financial report, the management team of Worry-free Future will […]

The 19th China Communication IC Technology Application Seminar and Qingdao Microelectronics Industry Development Conference was successfully held

From October 14th to 15th, the 19th China Communication IC Technology Application Seminar and Qingdao Microelectronics Industry Development Conference (CCIC 2021) co-hosted by the Integrated Circuit Committee of the China Communications Society and the Integrated Circuit Design Branch of the China semiconductor Industry Association “It was successfully held in the West Coast New Area of ​​Qingdao. More than 300 experts […]

The localization rate of Beidou navigation core components is 100%, and the mass production of 22nm chips

According to the official statement today, the localization rate of the core components of the Beidou satellite navigation system has reached 100%. Yang Changfeng, chief designer of Beidou satellite navigation system engineering, said at the main forum of the 2020 World 5G Conference today that since the official opening of the Dou-3 global satellite navigation system, the global positioning accuracy […]

Selling 60% of the equity for 1.97 billion yuan, Zhongxin Wafer may sprint for IPO

Foreword: In this context, Ferrotec, which produces semiconductor materials and equipment components in Japan, chose to continue to invest in high-level equipment in China. The company believes that Sino-US frictions are likely to become long-term. 60% stake sold for 1.97 billion Ferrotec Holdings, a Japanese semiconductor silicon wafer factory, announced the sale of its Chinese semiconductor silicon wafer subsidiary to […]

Samsung Galaxy S20 series broke new news: support up to 100x zoom

Time is fast, and it is already 2020 in a blink of an eye, and major mobile phone manufacturers are also racing against time to develop new products. It is reported that the Samsung Galaxy S20 series will be released soon. In order to warm up the product, the news about this mobile phone has also been frequently reported recently. […]

iPhone SE2 has fallen below the reserve price, taking you into the “true fragrance” scene

“To your heart’s content, to start with the best value.” Without a little precaution, Apple skipped the press conference and quietly updated the iPhone SE on the official website with such a slogan. The shape of 14 years, the fingerprint of 15 years, the screen of 16 years, the body of 17 years, the lens of 18 years, the processor […]

Huawei reiterates that it does not build cars: using ICT technology capabilities to help car companies build good cars

Huawei today released the “Statement on Huawei Not Making Cars”. The statement said that the company spokesman has repeatedly clarified the false rumors about Huawei’s production of cars. Today, we reiterate once again: Huawei does not build cars. This long-term strategy was made clear in 2018 and nothing has changed. We believe that what the industry needs is not Huawei-branded […]

3 Ways to Create a Programmable Output Voltage for Inverting Rails

“In many applications, especially in test and measurement, you need to set the output voltage of an inverting buck/boost regulator with an external device or a digital-to-analog converter. In a conventional buck topology, this is simple: just direct current into the feedback node with a voltage supply with a series resistor, a current source, or a DAC, as shown in […]