iPhone 12 mini will be discontinued, what do you think?

I believe that the fruit fans who have continued to pay attention to Mingmei Infinite should all know that the iPhone 12 launched by Apple last year has been enthusiastically sought after by consumers around the world, and sales are also rising. According to the latest statistics, Apple’s iPhone 12 has The shipment is about 40.4 million units, ranking among […]

LG announced that it has successfully replaced 100% of hydrogen fluoride imported from Japan

Due to the trade dispute between Japan and South Korea, the Japanese government decided in early July to ban the export of three important semiconductor and Display Panel materials to South Korea, forcing South Korean companies to embark on a path of independence. LG has confirmed that its panel factory has completed the use of domestic hydrogen fluoride materials to […]

The demand for MLCC for vehicles accounts for 20% of the overall MLCC, and the demand for electric vehicles may increase by more than 1.4 times?

On March 12, according to the report of the Chinese legal person, the current demand for MLCC for automobiles accounts for about 20% of the overall MLCC. Among them, in the power system of electric vehicles, the demand for MLCCs is more than 5 times that of general fuel vehicles, and the demand for MLCCs for advanced driver assistance systems […]

Saving labor cost by printing 3d hand model

With the maturity of SLA light-curing 3D printing technology, some smart tablet manufacturers have begun to use 3D printers to include in their enterprise plans. The 3D printing tablet Model is completely proofed according to the original shape of the plan, with low error. Compared with the traditional prototype, it saves the cost of proofing, shortens the manufacturing cycle of […]

Influence of 3D printing on mechanical manufacturing and automation

3D printing technology is widely used because of its flexibility and convenience. Printing technology involves different molding processes and material classification. There is no uniform standard now. According to the volume of the equipment, it can be divided into desktop, medium and large 3D printers; It can be divided into: aerospace, military, industrial, civil 3D printers, etc. 3D printing propsis […]

2021 Global Electronics Achievement Awards announced, ams and Osram won two awards including “Best Electronics Enterprise of the Year”

China, 4 November 2021 – ams AG (SIX: AMS), the world’s leading optical solutions leader, was invited to attend the 2021 Global CEO Summit & Global Distribution and Supply Chain Summit, which is hosted by AspenCore, a well-known media group in the global Electronic technology field. At the summit, the list of the 2021 Global Electronics Achievement Awards was announced, […]

Differential to Single-Ended: Use Only One Differential Amplifier

“Many applications require the use of low-power, high-performance differential amplifiers to convert small differential signals into readable ground-referenced output signals. The two inputs usually share a large common-mode voltage. The differential amplifier rejects the common-mode voltage, and the residual voltage, after being amplified, appears as a single-ended voltage at the amplifier output. The common-mode voltage can be either AC or […]

Researchers create ultra-compact on-chip mid-infrared spectrometer for self-driving cars

An international team of researchers has developed a mid-infrared spectrometer with a diameter smaller than a human hair,media reported. Mid-infrared spectrometers could be used for greenhouse gas detection and could make self-driving cars safer. Therefore, in recent years, there has been great interest in developing compact on-chip spectrometers. Whereas traditional spectrometers are bulky and expensive, on-chip spectrometers can greatly expand […]

National Vulnerability Database CNNVD: Early Warning on Apache HTTP Server Code Issues and Vulnerabilities

Recently, the National Information Security Vulnerability Database (CNNVD) received a report on the vulnerability of the Apache HTTP Server code (CNNVD-202109-1094, CVE-2021-40438). An attacker who successfully exploits the vulnerability can construct malicious data to conduct SSRF attacks on the target server. Apache HTTP Server 2.4.48 and below are affected by this vulnerability. At present, Apache has officially released a version […]

ADIADP244136V1A Efficiency 94% Buck DC Power Regulator Solution

/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a >/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/ a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a> /a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a >/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/ a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a> /a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a >/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/ a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a> /a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a >/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/ a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a> /a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a> Analog Devices’ ADP2441 is a 36V/1A synchronous step-down DC/DC power regulator with load current up to 1A, input voltage 4.5V-36V, output voltage from 0.6V to 0.9VxVIN, accuracy ±1%, switching frequency from 300 kHz To 1 MHz, the efficiency is as high as 94%, and the shutdown current […]