Taiwanese manufacturers enter the 3D NAND Flash market aggressively

Wang Minqiu, chairman of Macronix, said yesterday (18) that the yield rate of the 3D NAND Flash developed by Macronix is ​​rising very fast, and it will be able to be mass-produced in the second half of the year. Since its establishment 30 years ago, Macronix has taken advantage of its strengths to grow the company from scratch. In the […]

East China University of Science and Technology, together with Hua Hong Group and others, has established the Department of Integrated Circuit Materials, which will focus on integrated circuit substrate materials, etc.

Recently, the High-end Forum on Integrated Circuit Materials and the founding ceremony of the Department of Integrated Circuit Materials of East China University of Science and Technology were held at East China University of Science and Technology. At the inauguration ceremony, East China University of Science and Technology signed a cooperation framework agreement with Shanghai Huayi (Group) Company, Shanghai Huahong […]

Huawei established the HMS ecological construction department, can it replace Google GMS when it is faltering?

Since being included in the Entity List by the United States last year, Huawei’s mobile phone products cannot be pre-installed with Google’s GMS services, which is a great blow to sales in overseas markets. Although Huawei has prepared the spare tire of Hongmeng OS, to re-promote another completely different mobile phone OS in overseas markets, it will undoubtedly need to […]

BYD blade battery in line with international standards?Will supply batteries to Ford

BYD will supply electric vehicle batteries to U.S. automaker Ford Motor, according to documents on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. This means that BYD may reach a battery supply agreement with a major global automaker for the first time. As early as May 14, BYD reported the “good news” of cooperation with international brands. Li […]

DC-DC power modules for scientific research and semiconductor applications

There are many types of power supplies in the world, so do you know what DC/DC is? XP Power officially announced the launch of a new 30W DC-DC power supply module that can generate up to 6kVDC from a single 24VDC input. The HRL30 series provides a precise high voltage output suitable for a wide range of applications including scientific […]

Breaking the monopoly of Japan and the United States made a major breakthrough in domestic ArF photoresist: it can be used for 7nm process

As one of the technologies for the neck of semiconductors, many people only know the photolithography machine, but do not know the importance of photoresist. This market is also monopolized by Japanese and American companies, and TOP5 manufacturers account for 85% of the world’s share. The domestic photoresist can only be used in low-end process production lines before, and can […]

Aixin Technology AX630A debuted at ICDIA 2021, with large computing power, low power consumption and excellent image quality as the biggest advantages

Beijing, China, July 19, 2021—Recently, AI-based vision chip startup Aixin Technology debuted at the “2021 China Integrated Circuit Design Innovation Conference and IC Application Expo” (ICDIA for short), and highlighted its first high-performance chip , Low-power artificial intelligence vision processor chip – AX630A. Whether it is the ever-changing international market structure or the domestic industrial environment that is not what […]

Moore Elite and Shanghai University of Science and Technology in-depth cooperation to create a model of integrated circuit production and education integration

In recent years, China’s integrated Circuit industry has developed rapidly, and there is a huge talent gap, especially for practical talents with professional skills. For the training of talents in the integrated circuit industry, promoting the optimal allocation and resource sharing of scientific research forces in scientific research institutes, universities, and enterprises, and deep integration of production and education are […]