How to solve the electromagnetic interference problem of LED driving power supply

“First, let’s take a look at several factors that can affect EMI/EMC: the Circuit structure of the driving power supply; switching frequency, grounding, PCB design, and reset circuit design of the smart LED power supply. Because the original LED power supply is a linear power supply, but the linear power supply will lose a lot of energy in the form […]

Personal impact of continuous blood glucose monitoring (CGM) technology

“What if your grandfather could manage his diabetes without using cumbersome test papers and confusing information? What if a 7-year-old child with diabetes does not have to face the tension or fear every time he pierces his finger? These are the obstacles that the current continuous blood glucose monitoring (CGM) technology has overcome, and they are also the problems that […]

Important considerations in smart speaker design: analysis of the pros and cons of design

“Needless to say, voice-controlled speakers (often called smart speakers) are a popular consumer product. According to data from market research firm eMarketer, in 2017, 35.6 million American consumers used voice-activated devices at least once a month, and this number grew at a compound annual growth rate of nearly 50%. “ Needless to say, voice-controlled speakers (often called smart speakers) are […]

Lightbits Labs provides the industry’s first software-defined NVMe over TCP storage solution for VMware

Beijing, China, October 2021-Lightbits Labs® (Lightbits®), a leader in NVMe™-based scalable software-defined elastic block storage solutions, announced that the company has successfully completed LightOS®’s rigorous certification for VMware vSphere® 7 Update 3. And will be included in the VMware compatibility guide. LightOS software-defined storage is supported by Intel hardware such as the third-generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors with built-in artificial […]

The culprit of the cyber attack on Iran’s railway system is beginning to emerge

SentinelOne security researchers stumbled upon a hitherto unknown data-wiping malware that may have been part of a destructive cyber attack on Iran’s railway system earlier this month. SentinelLabs researchers were able to reconstruct most of the attack chain, including an interesting wiper software that has never been seen before. OPSEC’s mistakes let researchers know that the attacker called this wiper […]

India issues epidemic ban: Samsung OPPO and other mobile phone manufacturers stop production

(Original title: Samsung, Oppo, Vivo halt smartphone production in India) Netease Technology News March 23, according to foreign media reports, with the spread of the new coronavirus epidemic, the Indian government recently issued a ban, prompting Samsung, OPPO and vivo and other mobile phone manufacturers to suspend production in Indian factories. “Based on discussions with Indian government officials, the factories […]

Robin Player: 3D film innovation declines, 5G will boost cultural and creative

With the orderly progress of the resumption of work and production in Chengdu, today (April 13), the 2020 Chengdu newly introduced major cultural and creative projects with the theme of “Tianfu Cultural and Creative Splendid Clouds” is the first centralized signing of the “Cultural and Creative Commons Action”. A loan grant ceremony will be held to convey the “most Chengdu” […]

Suiyuan Technology: Two cores a year, solid AI products

On December 7, 2021, Suiyuan Technology released the second-generation cloud artificial intelligence inference accelerator card “Yunsui i20” in Shanghai, China. Only five months have passed since Suiyuan Technology launched the new product “Yunsui T20”. This year, 7 Yuesuiyuan Technology released the cloud artificial intelligence training acceleration card “Yunsui T20”, followed by a new generation of AI acceleration products for cloud […]

In the data age, Ruishu Information’s 5 strategies help operators build application data security lines of defense

On December 10, 2021, the “2021 (Eleventh) Telecom and Internet Industry Cyber ​​Security Annual Conference”, a large-scale and influential annual important industry event in the field of cyber security, was held in Wuhan. Nearly 400 leaders and representatives from relevant units such as the Communications Administration of 31 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities, provincial communications industry associations, basic telecommunications operating […]

The USB Camera solution for image recognition based on Onsemi and Sunplus products by Youshang Group

“Technology is leading the society to change towards intelligence, which makes the demand for imaging products in all walks of life also increase day by day. And with the continuous advancement of this technology, the industry’s requirements for image sensors have become more and more stringent. From the initial 300,000-pixel global exposure products to the current 2 million-pixel global exposure […]