Supports full-focus image photography, vivo X30 Pro is recognized by photography enthusiasts

Taking pictures as an important function of mobile phones has attracted much attention from mobile phone manufacturers. In addition to relying on hardware to improve the camera effect, it is also particularly important for manufacturers to optimize the camera algorithm. In order to meet the needs of different users, mobile phones that focus on taking pictures have been released one […]

Saving labor cost by printing 3d hand model

With the maturity of SLA light-curing 3D printing technology, some smart tablet manufacturers have begun to use 3D printers to include in their enterprise plans. The 3D printing tablet Model is completely proofed according to the original shape of the plan, with low error. Compared with the traditional prototype, it saves the cost of proofing, shortens the manufacturing cycle of […]

Influence of 3D printing on mechanical manufacturing and automation

3D printing technology is widely used because of its flexibility and convenience. Printing technology involves different molding processes and material classification. There is no uniform standard now. According to the volume of the equipment, it can be divided into desktop, medium and large 3D printers; It can be divided into: aerospace, military, industrial, civil 3D printers, etc. 3D printing propsis […]

Mouser Electronics Introduces Texas Instruments DP83TD510E Ethernet PHY for Building and Factory Automation

May 20, 2021 – Mouser Electronics, an authorized global distributor of Texas Instruments (TI) solutions, is now stocking the TI DP83TD510E Ethernet Physical Layer (PHY) device. The PHY can achieve cable transmission distances of more than 2km and is an IEEE 802.3cg 10BASE-T1L compliant transceiver that eliminates the need for additional protocols, gateways, and cables for high-bandwidth communications, enabling designers […]

Keysight First to Submit New Protocol Test Cases to 3GPP to Accelerate Validation of IMS-Enabled 5G NR Devices

Beijing, China, October 20, 2020 – Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS) announced that it has taken the lead in submitting a batch of new protocol test cases to 3GPP. These test cases validate 5G New Radio (NR) devices supporting the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) using Keysight’s conformance test tool suite and smartphone-style mobile test equipment based on the next-generation Snapdragon […]

AI redefines light perception, or a new direction for mobile phones

Every iteration of mobile communication technology is accompanied by a new round of reshuffle in the mobile phone market. Such a view was so popular at the end of 2019 that all mobile phone manufacturers began to be cautious, for fear of missing the wave of 5G and becoming the obsolete product of the times. However, the end result seems […]

How to achieve chopper stabilization in amplifier design?

“Devices such as accelerometers, angular velocity sensors, and Hall sensors commonly associated with Internet of Things (IoT) applications require efficient post-processing when converting from analog input signals to digital signals. A voltage-to-frequency converter is the solution here, and a key part of the voltage-to-frequency conversion is the precision op amp. “ Author: STEVE TARANOVICH Since the introduction of semiconductor amplifiers, […]

Great earthquake! Microsoft’s sudden statement: Windows may cut off supply to China!not responsible

Recently, Microsoft updated the Microsoft service agreement on its official website, stating that if Microsoft is unable to perform or delays performance of its obligations due to force majeure, Microsoft will not assume any responsibility or obligation for this, and the new agreement will officially take effect on October 1. Recently, Microsoft updated the Microsoft Services Agreement with some intriguing […]

Yole: China may be the first to achieve independent control on CIS

In a recently published report, Yole paints an optimistic picture for CIS. They pointed out that on a global scale, the CMOS image sensor industry is booming. This performance is mainly attributable to the sustainability of the mobile camera market, but also to most of the premium segment. In this case, the sanctions on Huawei intensified the demand for CIS, […]

2021 Global Electronics Achievement Awards announced, ams and Osram won two awards including “Best Electronics Enterprise of the Year”

China, 4 November 2021 – ams AG (SIX: AMS), the world’s leading optical solutions leader, was invited to attend the 2021 Global CEO Summit & Global Distribution and Supply Chain Summit, which is hosted by AspenCore, a well-known media group in the global Electronic technology field. At the summit, the list of the 2021 Global Electronics Achievement Awards was announced, […]