How to choose the object of CNC turning and milling processing?

The selection of the object to be processed for CNC turning-milling compound processing Before determining the object to be purchased, the object to be processed must first be clarified. Generally speaking, parts with the following characteristics are suitable for machining in a machining center: Multi-process intensive workpiece refers to a workpiece that requires many tools for processing. For workpieces with […]

Determinants of the shape of products processed by CNC in Dongguan

Which equipment does the shape of CNC processed products depend on? The shape and accuracy of Dongguan CNC machining products are related to its numerical control system. Below we will briefly introduce the CNC machining numerical control system, structure and mechanical properties.

Various methods of precision parts processing

Precision parts processing technology, including the use of the programmability of the machining center to reasonably compile CNC machining programs, and the use of the humanized characteristics of the machining center to optimize the cutting parameters. Reasonable selection of tool geometry and the use of ordinary high-speed steel drills and end mills to process high-precision and large-diameter titanium alloy holes […]

Attention should be paid to these problems when using slant guide NC lathe

When we use the inclined guide NC lathe, there are many problems that need our attention in order to get better use effect. Next, I’d like to talk about some problems that should be paid attention to when using the inclined guide NC lathe, hoping to help you. 1. In order to ensure the working accuracy of the machine tool, […]