WeChat Android version 7.0.14 beta version released: group chat can set a note name

Just now, Tencent WeChat released the latest Android beta version 7.0.14 update. The biggest change is the newly added function that supports setting a note name for group chats.

21IC noticed that Apple mobile phone users have already used this function, and WeChat iOS version 7.0.12 has supported the function of directly remarking the name of the group chat. Users can modify it through the “Notes” function of group chat settings. The group chat name after the note will appear in the position of the group name, but only visible to themselves.

Now, WeChat is the main social communication tool, and the application of group chat is very common. When there are multiple chat groups in the mobile phone, the arrangement and management of the groups will be very confusing. Hurry up and try the WeChat Android version 7.0.14 internal beta version. Remark the name of the group chat to make your many WeChat groups clear at a glance!

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